Neosensory SDK for Bluefruit
Neosensory SDK for Adafruit Bluefruit

An Arduino library that allows BLE communication to a Neosensory Buzz wristband via an Adafruit Bluefruit compatible board. This SDK is centered around the NeosensoryBluefruit class.


Download the latest zip file from the releases page and add it to Arduino following these instructions for adding zip file libraries to Arduino.


This library depends on Adafruit's Bluefruit library, included in the Adafruit Board Support Package (BSP) for nRF52 Boards (make sure to go through the install instructions thoroughly and update your bootloader) and on adamvr's base64 library.


This library connects any Neosensory hardware (currently just Buzz) to a microcontroller with an nRF52 BLE chip. At this point, it has only been tested with the Adafruit Feather nRF52 and nRF52840 Express but should work with any of Adafruit's Bluefruit nRF52 boards.


See library documentation at See GitHub repo at


See the connect_and_vibrate.ino example.


Whether for the connect_and_vibrate.ino example or for your own project, you'll need to put Buzz into pairing mode the first time you connect to it. To do this, turn on your Buzz wristband and press and hold the plus and minus buttons on top of your Buzz. Buzz will show three blue LEDs and then a random pattern of LEDs (which is included in the advertising packet information in case you need to differentiate from several different Buzzes in pairing mode, but for most situations can be ignored).


Please note that while this Neosensory SDK has an Apache 2.0 license, usage of the Neosensory API to interface with Neosensory products is still subject to the Neosensory developer terms of service located at:



Originally created by Mike Perrotta for Neosensory, Inc.